Mommy’s Girl – Elexis Monroe & Autumn Falls


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Mommy’s Girl – Elexis Monroe & Autumn Falls

Elexis Monroe is in her bedroom, angrily packing bags. She can’t believe she was so stupid, Elexis says regretfully to herself. But there’s NO WAY she’s going to let that bastard get away with this, she says with resolve. Just then, her stepdaughter Autumn Falls pops her head in the door, knocking softly. She wanted to see her?, Autumn asks delicately. Of course, honey, come in, Elexis says, her eyes lighting up with the beginnings of a plan…

Elexis Monroe is one of the Queen bees of the lesbian erotica world, so we’re absolutely thrilled to finally have her right here at Brazzers. A veteran of the adult industry with close to 200 credits to her name (both in front of the camera as a performer and behind the camera as a director), Elexis Monroe loved to fuck ladies long before she ever set foot on a porno set, and it’s that genuine erotic passion that makes her girl on girl scenes stand out from the competition. But believe it or not, this sexy seductress got into the industry mostly by accident! Showing up to what she thought was a lingerie photo shoot, Elexis discovered that she was actually booked for nudes! Showing the adventurous spirit that made her such a success in the years to come, Elexis decided to take the plunge, and it wasn’t long after that she was fucking some of the hottest babes on the planet on film for our pleasure! So if you love ladies who love ladies, make sure to check out Elexis Monroe in her blazing Hot and Mean debut!

Normally autumn is the time when the weather gets cooler, but Latina teen Autumn Falls will make you hot, hot, hot! This all-natural, Boricua cutie from the Big Apple loves showing off her big natural tits and tiny waist on even the crispest fall days. However, once the weather starts to get too cold in NYC for Autumn to head to the beach in her tiny bikinis, she can often be found soaking up the rays in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking for a way to warm up, cuddle up with Autumn now and check out all her steamy scenes below!

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Mommy’s Girl – Elexis Monroe & Autumn Falls

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