Dirty Cosplay – Honey Gold


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Dirty Cosplay – Honey Gold

Asian beauty Honey Gold plays the sexy Alien character Cumora. She meets Hardlord, played by Chad White, right as she was trying to rob the same place as him. They fight, share profits then fuck each other like crazy in his spaceship. Cumora is a horny babe who likes to get dominated so Hardlord gets to pound that pussy hardcore doggy style and in other juicy positions. After drilling that hard cock in Cumora’s wet love holes, he glazes her flat green tummy with a creamy cumload.

If you’re into tight chicks with rad tattoos, Honey Gold is the girl for you! Honey is genuinely passionate about sex, which is why she got into the porn industry in the first place. Ms. Gold feels that porn provides her with liberation and empowerment, not to mention helps appease her voracious sexual appetite. She enjoys every kind of sex imaginable, from sensual to super rough, and Honey is so horny that she has to masturbate five to six times a day. With a pussy as pretty as hers, no wonder she can’t keep her hands off of it. Pornstars have to keep their bodies bangin’, so Honey is fitness freak that loves to squat for booty gains. A petite frame is ideal for a pounding, and with natural, squeezable tits, this foxy lady is always ready and ripe for the ravaging. Looking for a pornstar that loves shooting just as much as you love watching? Honey Gold is right up your alley!

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