Siri Dahl & Natalie Brooks – Midnight Moaning

Siri Dahl & Natalie Brooks – Midnight Moaning Released: May 21, 2024 Roommates Natalie Brooks and Siri Dahl have just finished watching a movie together in the living room. Since it’s getting late, Siri tells Natalie that she’s going to bed, and Natalie wishes her goodnight. Natalie, however, lingers for a while, spending a bit of time on her phone before she calls it a day. Just then, however, Natalie gets a surprise phone call from one of her fuck-buddies, who’s horny and wants a little phone sex. Seeing as she’s all alone, Natalie goes along with it, rubbing her pussy as she dirty talks. Before long, Natalie starts moaning with lust, her pussy practically dripping as her fingers work their magic… What Natalie doesn’t realize, however, is that Siri has heard her moans from her bedroom… and has snuck into the living room to see what all the fuss is about. When Siri catches a glimpse of Natalie fapping away, she can’t help but spy on her. But when Siri is caught, Natalie covers herself up, feeling a bit embarrassed as she hangs up the phone. Luckily for her, Siri found it hot… and she’s wondering if Natalie wants to turn her midnight fap sesh into a full-on sex session.