Milancheek & Novella Night – Scary Movie Night

Milancheek & Novella Night – Scary Movie Night Released: May 27, 2024 Besties Novella Night and Milancheek are much more than just friends. Though they both have boyfriends, they are also lovers. It isn’t always easy to find time to hook up, so they create opportunities. Scary movie night always works since they can be alone in the dark and huddle together until nature takes its course. Usually, they have plenty of privacy, but tonight, Milancheek’s stepbrother is in the house. He is home from college and decides to play a prank on the girls. He sneaks up behind them in a creepy clown mask and scares them half to death. When the lights come on, he sees them half-naked and wonders what might be going on. They decide to show him by flashing their tits. Playing along, he whips out his cock. It is big and hard. Novella moves right in to suck it… Shocked that she would cheat on her boyfriend and a little jealous, Milancheek decides to get some as well. For all that they have shared over the years, the girls have never shared a cock and it is a huge turn-on. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have them take turns on his big rod. He wants to fuck them and makes sure that they stay busy eating each other while filling their horny young pussies. The only thing Novella likes better than having her twat stuffed is having her girl’s sweet slit to eat while it happens. Milancheek can’t believe how naughty it feels to fuck her stepbrother with her secret girlfriend behind their boyfriends’ backs. When he pulls out and shoots his load on their faces, the girls swap his jizz back and forth, already knowing that their movie nights are going to include a big hard cock from now on.