Scarlett Alexis – Fighting For Attention – S2:E2

Scarlett Alexis – Fighting For Attention – S2:E2 Released: April 25, 2024 Boxer Scarlett Alexis has just finished demonstrating the results of her months of practice to Coach Bruce Venture. They sit down to talk strategy for an upcoming tournament, which leaves Scarlett feeling extremely nervous. She begins talking about backing out of the tournament, leading to an argument with Coach. Eventually, Scarlett confesses that she’s been training because she thinks Coach Venture is hot and it’s a good excuse to spend time with him… Scarlett tells Coach Venture that if he really wants her to do the fight tomorrow he’ll have to give her a little bit of an extra confidence boost. Although Bruce plays dumb about the come-ons, Scarlett continues to get more and more blatant. Finally she tells him that she wants him to be inside her and that’ll change her mind about withdrawing from the tournament. In the face of that kind of persuasion, Bruce of course says yes! Soon Scarlett is on her knees sucking and stroking that nice cock as she makes her case for Coach to dick her down. Getting on his knees, Bruce buries his face in Scarlett’s cooch to eat her pussy before he stands up and sinks into her from behind. Bruce sits down so Scarlet can bounce away on him in cowgirl. Then he lays Scarlett on his desk so he can slam balls deep into that velvet glove. Scarlett gives Coach another stiffie ride, this time in reverse cowgirl, then gets back on her feet so Coach can use his dick and fingers to make her cream around his dick. She rides him one last time as he lays on the desk, then spreads her thighs until Bruce delivers a creampie that gives her the confidence she’ll need to compete.