Jesse Pony – Bound by the Law of Feet

Jesse Pony – Bound by the Law of Feet Released: March 30, 2024 Doing one’s job without letting emotions take the reins can be a difficult thing to do. As much as immigration officer Jesse Pony wants to help her client, Vince Karter, out, there are little to no other options left for them to explore. The sophisticated brunette breaks the news and opens up the complicated avenues they could take on but notices that his attention is on her pedicured feet. Brushing this off, Jesse continues to be professional, but lust slowly takes over her body, and comes up with another plan that would benefit them both. Vince does not take long to convince and gets right into fulfilling his need to worship the gorgeous officer’s feet… Jesse takes off her black heels and watches as the burly man shrimps her white nail-polished toes, taking each one into his mouth and savoring their natural taste. She moans as he slowly slides his finger into her pussy underneath her skort while continuing to lick and suck on the pads and digits of her feet. Needing to move elsewhere, Jesse takes Vince home, where they proceed to strip off their clothes and ravish each other. In the living room, the slender babe gives his cock a blowjob-handjob combo and ballsucking. On the couch, Jesse uses her shoes and soles to give her partner a footjob, making sure to cover his length with her spit before giving a sloppy blowjob. After Vince fingers and sucks on her toes, he proceeds to use her feet to pleasure himself, then finally fucks her shaved pussy in missionary. The two-foot-loving partners continue their amorous activities in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and pronebone before going back to missionary, where the bearded gent showers Jesse’s soles, arches, and toes with attention in between and during each position. He pulls out and facefucks the tattooed brunette before spilling his cum all over her feet.