Madison Blaze – Double Vag Via The King Of Clubs

Madison Blaze – Double Vag Via The King Of Clubs Released: March 22, 2024 We here at See HIM Fuck are pleased as punch to have studs Adonis Breeds and Kai Jaxon back, as well as welcome Madison Blaze to the site for this week’s superterrific ass-eating double-vag BBG threesome update! Director Johnny Robins gets things going by interviewing the two HIMs, followed by Adonis and Kai stripping naked with some assistance from Madison, who then lubes them up, front and back, before turning her attention to each of their hairy armpits. Madison then gets on her knees for the court-mandated Row Row Row Your Boat double blowjob that is required in all BBG/MMF scenes (Google it!) before allowing the HIMs to take a seat so she can get all freaky-deeky with their socked and bare feet. Next up is the ass-eating portion of the program, where Madison rims and tongues them while the guys are spread-eagle, via the Rusty Trombone, and with them in a reverse piledriver. Adonis and Kai, being the gentleman that they are, then go down on Madison to suckle on her MILF pussy. Finally, we get to the fucking, as first, Madison gets put onto the rotisserie, followed by some double-vag action where she rides each of them cowgirl. Then we get to see a first on See HIM Fuck: The King Of Clubs position! For the grand finale, each HIM takes a turn fucking her mouth and pussy until Kai blows his load on her face, and Adonis pulls out and cums on her cunt. We caught up with the two HIMs in the shower afterward… Until the next HIM!