Octavia Red – Don’t Disrespect the Boss

Octavia Red – Don’t Disrespect the Boss Released: February 16, 2024 Octavia Red is granted a rare interview with infamous crime boss Tommy Pistol, but after she keeps asking questions about how Tommy made his fortune the short-tempered Tommy decides to flex his reputation and makes Octavia strip as punishment, but it doesn’t end there. Octavia says she’ll do anything to go home so Tommy gives this reporter a new mic and shoves his cock down her whimpering throat. The angry mob boss then “checks her for wires” with his tongue up her ass. Satisfied she’s not wearing a wire Tommy ties Octavia to a chair and eats her pussy as he scolds her for being so disrespectful. Taking advantage of Octavia’s legs spread he starts fucking her. Tommy adds to the torment be spanking her ass, stretching her pussy lips and fucking her throat. After tying Octavia facing the chair with her ass up Tommy facefucks her some more before moving behind her for some deep dicking. Tommy takes his time enjoying Octavia’s holes until he feels she’s proven how sorry she really is and rewards her for finally showing him the proper respect.