Rae Lil Black & Clemence Audiard – The Succubus


Rae Lil Black & Clemence Audiard – The Succubus
Released: September 8, 2023

Rae Lil Black just got a new job as a home helper for Clemence Audiard. On her first day, she gets to know the lovely Clemence, but she didn’t know about her dark secret that the gorgeous redhead is in fact, a succubus!

As she is tending to the chores, suddenly Clemence appears behind her, with her massive futanari dick out, revealing her true nature! The sexy demon uses her irresistible charm and demands Rae to suck on her dick. The shy hottie can’t help but give Clemence a sloppy and passionate blowjob until she finishes with a huge load in her mouth…

The warm cum is dripping from Rae’s mouth, but the succubus wants more. She commands her helper to start riding her dick, and she obeys… Finally, the demon snaps her fingers and Rae also grows a futa cock! She puts her new toy to use right away and gives a cumshot on Clemence’s face.