April Olsen & Kenzie Taylor – Rebound


April Olsen & Kenzie Taylor – Rebound
Released: March 11, 2023

Kenzie (Taylor) isn’t taking care of herself, after a sudden breakup with her fiancée, who has flown the coop and headed for France to accept a job offer. Her BFF April (Olsen) comes by with flowers and a bag of healthy food, to cheer her up and help her get over it. April is straight, but has her pal’s best interests at heart.

It’s evening already. and Kenzie has yet to get dressed, so April insists they go out to a club, and it helps, bringing Kenzie out of her gloom for a bit. Back home, April announces: “The fun doesn’t have to stop here. Can you trust me?”. Kenzie says Yes, and the two women kiss passionately, and things quickly escalate, as Kenzie suggests: “Let’s go to the bedroom”…

As they sit on the bed, Kenzie undoes the straps on her low-cut dress, revealing her huge breasts. “You’re so beautiful”, April says with a big smile on her face, and it seems the long-time friend is ready to give Sapphic love a try. Kissing her pal’s neck, April murmurs: “And you smell good, too”.

April’s kisses head south, and she gives special attention to suckling at Kenzie’s nipple. “I’m surprised you’re wearing underwear -I don’t think I am”, April whispers, as she helps Kenzie remove her panties. Kenzie returns the favor and sucks heartily on April’s breasts until her nipples get hard, and then begins worshiping her body, kissing her gradually from her feet along toward her pussy. And indeed, April isn’t wearing underwear. April responds by kissing Kenzie all over, settling down to licking her bush. “This is so much better than spending seven days alone. You have no idea how many times I masturbated”, Kenzie declares. Now it’s her turn to please her friend, and Kenzie makes a bee-line for April’s posterior, rimming the girl with gusto. Watch the friends seamlessly turn into lovers…