Julia Maze – Ready For Everything


Julia Maze – Ready For Everything
Released: December 23, 2022

If you were to spot Julia Maze on the street, you’d never guess she was a pornstar. She’s very much the girl-next-door, if you lived in Belarus that is. But Julia is such a sweetie, you’re gonna love watching her get fucked in the ass.

And oh how we love a girl who does anal on the first date. She’s a completely different animal on film vs IRL. She says she likes working in porn because she gets to indulge in gang-bangs and floggings — which are all the things she says she doesn’t go in for in her personal life.

– Anal

– Hair Pulling

– Hands on Throat

– Spanking

– Belting

– Facial

Julia’s been briefed on the safe words and this little rocket is ready to launch.