Melody Foxx – Payback is a Bitch On The Bus [Openload Streaming]

Melody Foxx – Payback is a Bitch On The Bus

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Wat up fellas, the bus is out and about again. We’re trolling the Miami streets looking for the hottest girls. Today we found Melody walking around a not so safe neighborhood, so being the good guys that we are we pulled over to see if she needed help. This girl was really pretty and was wearing a little halter top that was barely holding in her nice tits. She immediately gave us attitude and we soon found out why. She had just gotten into a fight with her boyfriend and her cell phone was out of battery. We offered her to come into the van to get out of the hot sun and charge her phone. This was the perfect opportunity to see how far she is willing to go. At the first mention of cash, her eyes lit up. We asked her to flash her us and she did. Behind that halter top was the most perfect set of boobs. After offering her more money, she agreed to fuck our lucky boy Derrick. This girl knows how to take dick in her mouth and sweet pussy. She got fucked hard all over the bus and ended up with a load on her tits. Then it was time to kick the unsuspecting beauty to the curve. 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