Britney Amber – My Slutty Valentine: Part 1 [Openload Streaming]

Britney Amber – My Slutty Valentine: Part 1

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After getting caught cheating by her husband on Valentine’s Day, Britney is distraught – if he files for a divorce, he’ll get the house, the cars… everything! She has no idea how to approach the situation, so she decides she’ll deal with it tomorrow. The next morning, she wakes up next to her husband as though nothing ever happened. As he leaves for work, he wishes his wife a happy valentine’s day. That’s when it clicks – Girl gets to relive the same day for a second time! When Jax calls asking for a fuck, Britney is faced with a difficult decision – call off their rendezvous and save her marriage, or have him over and try not to get caught this time. 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