Lovita Fate – Newlyweds christen the kitchen [Openload Streaming]


Lovita Fate – Newlyweds christen the kitchen

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Lovita Fate – Newlyweds christen the kitchen


Newlyweds Lovita Fate and Jason X have purchased a house, which seems like a dream come true! Knowing how lucky she is to have a home in this climate, Lovita smiles softly to herself in the kitchen as she prepares dinner. Coming to the kitchen to find his beautiful bride, Jason asks her to put dinner on pause and taste him instead. As Jason kisses her neck and plays with her perky tits, Lovita grinds her ass into his stiffening cock. Jason sits Lovita up on the kitchen counter and eats her pussy for lunch, then sticks his hard dick into her wet lips for dessert! 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