Glory Hole Secrets – Molly Pleasant [Openload Streaming]


Glory Hole Secrets – Molly Pleasant

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Glory Hole Secrets – Molly Pleasant

We’re on a roll with Molly this week on! This is her FIRST PRO SHOOT EVER! You won’t see her anywhere else, except maybe soon on, but right now, this is your only place to find Ms. Molly. Pardon me; I should say Mrs. Molly. She is a MARRIED MILF and her husband (whom she affectionately calls “daddy”) is right behind her in the booth watching. She really gets off on pleasing him and performing for daddy…

Today she’ll be performing for a few more than just him as she sucks off TWELVE ANONYMOUS COCKS in front of a world audience. Her favorite thing is to feel a cock get hard in her mouth, so we’re about to give her a dozen chances to experience that thrill. Molly proudly claims to have a “giraffe tongue,” which will come in handy while she works the cum out of her twelve dicks. She is able to contort that tongue into possibly one of the best tongue bowls for spent sperm we have ever seen on this site, and that’s sayin’ something! Foot lovers are in for a special treat on cock #4 as Molly JERKS HIM OFF WITH HER FEET. That’s some fancy footwork, Molly. She makes sure not to miss any of the cum the guys give her, even obediently licking it off the floor so as not to disappoint daddy. Toward the end of her twelve cock marathon, Molly backs up on a couple of the dicks she likes particularly, while still managing to suck another one through the other hole. She did mention she was a yoga instructor after all, or was it a circus contortionist? Either way, when she comes back, she wants it to involve being tied up, using candles, and strapping her to a wheel of fortune. I’d like to buy a vowel, please: BL_WJ_B. 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