Those Are Not Mine


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Those Are Not Mine

Karma Rx is busy working from home when she is interrupted by a knock at her front door. It’s Ramon Nomar, the car repairman, who is there to deliver some personal belongings that were left in her husband’s car at his shop. Among them, Karma finds a pair of red panties that don’t belong to her. She immediately asks her husband for an explanation, but he denies having an affair. Then, he pretends the panties were a present for Karma! She obviously knows he’s lying through his teeth, so the hot, scorned wife gets ready to serve him a good dose of bad Karma in the form of a revenge fuck with Ramon! First, she seduces the car repairman by sneakily sucking his big cock in the living room while her husband is busy in the other room! They almost get caught, but it takes more to stop a horny Karma! She titty-fucks Ramon and gets her dripping wet pussy licked and fucked. Of course, her moans eventually alert her husband, but it turns out Karma is as good of a liar as he is!

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